Tchaikovsky Symphony No. 6 RCA Living Stereo SACD

I've ordered and returned three copies of this SACD/CD hybrid reissue from three different sources -- Acoustic Music, CDUniverse and ArkivMusic -- because each disc had the same manufacturer's defect. The CD layer contains the correct music, but the SACD layer contains some reggae-inspired pop music of unknown origin (at least, to me).

I have the other nine reissues in the first Living Stereo set, and have found a few references to the defective Tchaikovsky 6 disc on various online sites (, etc.), but can anyone tell me who might be offering the correct version of this disc?

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Find out who that reggae artist is and buy their SACD.
May be you'll get the Tchaikovsky's 6th then as one of the layers.
That must be Tchaikovsky's much lesser known "Jamaican Symphony" on the other layer. Not many folks know about it. Give it some time, it'll grow on you.
you guys are too funny!!!
I have the same disc, I think? Living Stereo, T-6 op74 Boston Sym. Orch. SACD Hybrd. Mine has three formats on it. SACD Surround, SACD stereo and CD Audio.

SACD stereo and Redbook play properly. Can't check surround, I am 5.1 challenged.
None of the Living Stereos are 5.1, in my experience. They are either 3.0/2.0 or just 2.0.


09-22-08: Kr4
None of the Living Stereos are 5.1, in my experience. They are either 3.0/2.0 or just 2.0.

Kr4 (Threads | Answers)

when listening to Jamaican Symphony, it can be anything between 2 channel and 7.1 channel surround. All depends on the quality of grass.
You've all been uber-helpful, if not hilarious, but this problem is no joke. Here's what a reviewer on had to say about this disc:

"This SACD title has a major factory defect. The SACD layer is a different recording by a different artist in a completely different genre. In trying to contact BMG, the mother label, I received no response. The defect was the same on 2 separate discs. As for the CD layer, the sound and performance are superb. It is a shame not to be able to hear the improvements on the SACD layer. I have never encountered a blunder this bad from such a major label."

If anyone reading this thread actually knows where I might find a non-defective copy of this disc, I'd appreciate the lead.
Hello Beatnik,
I have the RCA Tchaikovsky 6th. My copy has the correct layer for SACD. However, mine also has a defect. When playing the SACD layer, it is prone to "freezing up". It just stops playing. And it happens at random points, so I can't dismiss it as a surface defect.
For what it's worth, I didn't think too much of the performance. The sound quality is great when it plays through correctly (which has happened once or twice).
If you'd like, e-mail me offline. I'll send mine to you for free. I've got better sounding versions of it on vinyl, and better performances on both vinyl and CD. And I wouldn't mind knowing if the disc plays correctly on someone else's player.