Tchaikovsky symphony 5 favorite recording

what's your favorite recording of this symphony?
berstein. abado ?
Daniel Gatti's with the Royal PO on Harmonia Mundi SACD 807381. Read; Mr. Jordan says it lots better than I. Great recording too--very natural and atmospheric.
Klemperer/Philarmonia or Matacic/Czech Philarmonic. I prefer Klemperer.
If you want a russian feel: Yevgeni Mravinski/Leningrad Symphony ORch.
Gergiev with Vienna on Phillips. Searing performance.

Stokowski, on London with the New Philharmonic orchestra. On London 4-phase, but the performance!
The Monteaux / Boston Symphony on RCA Living Stereo.
Yevgeny Svetlanov - USSR Symphony Orch. Recorded by Mezhdunarodnaya Kniga ("Melodiya") - Mastered and pressed in the U.S. by Angel/Capitol. Recording 9.0 Performance 9.5 - to my ear.
Svetlanov is nice on this -- and majestic (v. large orchestra). You should compare that version to Klemperer.
dutiot montrael synphony great performence they play with passion and emotion and dutiot conveys the themes very well as they do with all tchikovskys music i also thick ormandy and philidelphia orcestra was very good to the 1960 recording.i think markivish with lenigrad philiharmic is very overrated im still trying to figuer out wuy so many people and critics like it and karajans as well.
Mravinsky / Leningrad Philharmonic on DG. Early 1960s vintage. The LP sounds better than the CD (matter of fact, so does the cassette version).

An enormous surprise for me was, Haitink/Concertgebouw Orchestra on Philips. Hadn't associated him with this repertoire. The sound is gorgeous on the LP but I can't comment on the CD incarnation since I have not heard it.

Best wishes.
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