Tchaikovsky Rococo Variations.

I've recently become enamored with this piece.  My reference is Jovan Starker's 1964 performance with the LSO on the Mercury Living Presence label (Tidal MQA).  I prefer it to Rostropovich/Berlin Philharmonic on Deutche Grammophon (also Tidal MQA) primarily because of the orchestra.  I really enjoy the relaxed, luxurious, expansive yet pristine sound coupled with impeccable musicianship.  I'm fairly new to classical so I'm asking for some recommendations for similar music, although it does not have to be cello or even strings.  Any ideas are appreciated!
Btw, it’s Janos Starker...
The two recordings that you reference are the two standard recommendations and have been for about 40 years.  However, every significant Cellist with a recording contract has recorded it, given that the repertoire for Cello Concertos
is so limited.  I have to confess that I can’t recommend one off the top of my head because whenever I want to hear it I listen to Starker or Rostropovich.  I have heard a number of Cellists play it in Concert through the years and the one that impressed me the most was Daniel Muller-Schott.
  I would try the websites for Presto Music or ArkivMusik for listings of various performances , and then try to audition ones that sound promising to you on Tidal or YouTube.
Ok, I looked it up, and naturally the Cellist that I recommended didn’t record it.  I do see a version by French Cellist Gautier Capuçon, and I did hear him play it a few years ago in Chicago.  Another one that caught my attention was on the Naxos Label with Cellist Maria Klegel.  The rest of the album featured Bruch Kol Nidrei and other great Cello works that you might like
My historic long time favorite is Maurice Gendron, the great French cellist.
I had a wonderful sounding London FFRR mono LP of it as a youth.
It has since been re-issued on various CDs.  The most recent in a boxed set honoring Gendron.  Gendron had a unique tone. His instrument sounded like a big violin, much in the manner of Emanuel Feuermann.  His dexterity on the instrument was like that of a violinist.  Incredible fluidity of sound, perfect for the Rococo Variations.
Thanks to all who replied...however, I wasn't looking for more recommendations on performances of of this piece.  Instead, using this piece as an example and my descriptors of what I found appealing about it, I was asking for more recommendations of classical music that I might enjoy.  I hope this clarifies my original intent.