taylor tylo reference monitors vs. dynaudio

demoed the dynaudio audience 52 yesterday and was very impressed. how would these compare to the tylo ref monitors. i am intrigued by the tyler line but they are only available through the mail. also planning to demo thiel, legacy, proac monitors, and the new dynaudio contour 1.4. any info is greatly appreciated.

aloha keith
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I strongly recommend Harmonic Precision's Caravelles. While not a household speaker name, the sound is extraordinary. I've never heard the speakers that you are thinking about, but I have heard the Jmlab Micro Bes and owned the Revel M20s as well. As amazing a speaker as the Micros are , I love the Caravelles, more. None of the limitations of the Micros. Check into Starsound Technologies website to get the scoop. Listen to a pair. Don't like 'em? They'll take them back. This is one very exciting speaker they've developed over there. With the dedicated stands, it may be a bit more than you want to go, but if you can muster up the $$, you won't be disappointed. peace, warren
thanks warrenh;

but your'e right they are a little too expensive. my max for speaker is 3k new or used. guess i should have said that earlier. thanks alot anyway.

aloha keith
Atagi, if your budget is 3k new or used then what are you doing comparing 600$ dyn 52s vs 1100$ tyler refs????

try some of these:
Piega p10 (3500)
Coincident Total Eclipse
Audio Physics Virgo II (2100)
Coincident Partial Eclipse (2500)
Silverline Sonatina II
Thiel 2.3 (1795)
Soliloquy 6.5 (2250)
ProAc 2.5 (2200)
ProAc 3.5 (2495)
Avalon Avatar (2500)
Here are a couple of monitor recommendations for you to look into:

#1 Green Mountain Audio - Europas
#2 Earthworks Audio - Sigma 6.2
#3 Shamrock Audio - Eire
#4 Norh - they have a number of monitors that people swear by.

Hope this helps.
thanks for the suggestions. will research and possibly demo some of them. i'm looking for monitors.
Considering the drivers and parts I would buy used Tyler Linbrooks . These are awesome speakers. How a company can charge over $3k for a peerless CSX mid bass is beyond me.

Buy Tyler save money know that you invested in quality componets and design and go listen to music