Taylor Hicks from Idol

Is this guy great or what? I have not yet heard him sing without getting chills up my spine. I can't wait till he puts out his own CD or better yet DVD Audio, it's quite entertaining watching him as well.
I would prefer him on SACD!
He's a hack.
I feel that Tayler will win the contest. I belive that he will be a refreshing change from the other pop/candy singers that have won the past contests.
Many will agree and many will not. The guy is in a competition and we've only heard him live. Can anyone here say that they have not heard some of their favorite singers sound less desirable live as opposed to how they sound on their albums after the second or third take? He may not have superstar written all over him, but IMO and this is only IMO he's doing great.

Everyone should be entitled to their own opinion IMO.

Sure is nice outside today...anyone disagree???
Nuguy, I shouldn't have been so brief with my post. I think he is very entertaining and fun to see perform. He has a beaming personality and has worked it nicely on Idol and I certainly agree he is doing great. I think the opinion might be different if we were to just hear him sing without seeing him perform. The chills up the spine line is what compelled me to post - that for me is very hard to see, but I am glad you like him.

It is absolutely lovely outside here in Atlanta today! Cheers.
"I think the opinion might be different if we were to just hear him sing without seeing him perform."

That's a very good point and I would have to agree.

Cheers Maineiac
It is an outrage that anything from this season's Idol would find its way on a MUSIC forum.
Geez...and I was gonna have everyone over for beer and Hicks.
Maybe better in cables?
The guy definitely has good pipes, but after a few weeks you get tired of the whole thing...trying to be bubbly to entertain Simon and Paula is just not for the faint of heart to watch more than one week in a row.

The guy has a good vibe for his one style, and he should stick to it.
After last night with Chris being sent home, I will be surprised, if he doesn't win.

I love the music Taylor loves. I just ordered "Otis Redding Live In Europe" which I wore out when I was 15. That and every James Brown, Wilson Pickett, Johnnie Taylor, Joe Tex, etc. album available.