Taylo Reference Monitor sound signature

I have a pair of Taylo Reference Monitors and im inpressed with the soundstage they throw, the image they provide and the warm flavor. However I have noticed 2 things and I would like to share. One is, some harshness in the upper mid and high frequencies. Its not so subtle, its there. The speakers have roughly 35 hours. I would like to know if, the break in after 150 hours will smooth the upper mids and highs? or is it a tylers sound signature? or maybe is other chain of my system?
The other will be that the soundstage is very large and high but doesn have a similar depth. The depth is very little.
I use a CJ MV50, SOnic Frontiers SFL-1 and Cal Alpha DAC.
Hi there I had a pair of these wonderful speakers a few years ago before i upgraded to the LINBROOK speakers. The Speakers will certainly smooth out over a long(unfortnately)break in period....But once there you will love them.Just be a bit patient and make sure you use some quality speaker cables as they do make a difference as well. Enjoy!
Several years ago I went from Taylo Refs to Linbrook monitors, too. I've gone in another direction, but if forced to choose between the Taylos and the Linbrooks, I'd go back to the Taylos. Both were wonderful speakers, absolutely no complaints, but those Taylos were really special
I heard these on some Cardas cables (Cross or Golden Cross, can't remember which) and they were nothing short of magic.