Tax time

Well it is that time of year again. I just did my taxes and found out that this year I get some money back. Immediately, I thought of what kind of gear I could buy. It got me to thinking. Is this how most audiophiles think? Me? Well I am either going to up grade my CDP or upgrade my turntable (am old dual).

By the way, for you married folks do you simply go and make the purchase or do you have to sneak it past your partner
I've been selling surplus equipment to pay the taxes coming due in 2 weeks. But when I buy something I just do it; she may or may not notice, doesn't matter.
I just do it. It is easier to just do it and ask for forgiveness than ask for permission and get a NO "what do you need that for, please, not again"!! Besides my wife recognizes my compulsive tendencies as well as my love of music and realizes that I could direct it towards "hobbies" more detrimental to our relationship.
My tax refund arrived about 2 weeks ago...I made a vow to myself it would go toward debt. It's been a challenge to keep that vow. Eventually, I'm sure it will go toward a new tube preamp. The ss model I have is fine, but I'm determined to wring all I can outta my setup.

As to geting clearance from significant other prior to purchases, well, I am cursed (or blessed depending on your perspective)to be unattached (or unencumbered, again perspective dependent) at the moment. Life goes on...
Yeah at least we're at home in the sweet spot, vs. chasing skirts or flushing our $ at the bar!
Oh,YES-That plesant time of year!! If I get a refund I will use it as a downpayment on a Vibrapod.
what is a tax refund? how might i apply for one? all these years i'd thought that ‘twas better to keep it and owe than allow the irs to hold my money for a year without paying me any interest. am I wrong here?

as for the spousal/significant other permission conundrum, my office mate and close friend frequently repeats a homily he learnt from his dad: "i'd rather owe you than cheat you out of it." might not always work but worth a try if you feel guilty about dissembling. -kelly
No Cornfedboy you are Right ON!! I have debated your point with myself for a long time. Put the money in the "savings account" and get the "refund" or minimize the amount I have to pay during the year, let the money do some work for me and pay Uncle Sam his due at tax time. You are a man of dicipline and wisdom Cornfedboy.
Oddly enough, I am working on my taxes right now & Diana Krall happens to be singing "no they can't take that away from me" on the stereo. (really!)
My Uncle Sam is taking toys away from me at this time of year, he ain't no Santa. As for the buying componants I don't ask for permission. I follow the old Nike ads: Just Do It!! She complains sometimes but what wife doesn't. Cables are the best 'cause she never knows any better. What they don't know won't hurt them. She really doesn't complain too much though. I'm not sure whether she understands my passion or realizes that I make all the money.
Damn tax time!! no matter how hard i work or how much i make, old uncle sam gets more than i feel he's entitled to. my wife think me spend too much time and too much hard-earned money on the stuff, but just give me a few bucks and a little more time and i'll find a way to rationalize that the money is well spent. that new amp is certainly better than the one i just "gave" away and i know that the old cd player doesn't sound as good as the one i just bought. i know uncle sam would really enjoy that new preamp he bought for me, but what the hell, i've provided him and his with more over the years, haven't i? have you ever heard anyone say that they don't feel that they have contributed enough to the cause? just think what kind of system you and i might have been able to build and enjoy over the years if they hadn't pissed our money away on those $250.00 hammers and $25,000 toilets! god bless america!!!
I already spent my refund for this year. I used it to purchase a used pair of B&W 802 Series III's. Thanks Uncle Sam. I don't have the wife problem to deal with. If I could find the right girl I'd be happy to "negotiate" but so far no luck. I guess in a way being single has its plusses.
What was the question?
$150 towards a new stand, whoohoo!
I was not planning on a refund but somehow ended up with a $3000 unexpected one. The same morning I filed my return, I logged on Audiogon and so far have spent $2400 of it. I have not yet received a penny. I too, like another poster, vowed to reduce DEBT with this unexpected bonus. Well, maybe I will put the remaining $600 towards my credit cards. I am not married but have a significant other who thinks I am insane but does not yell about my purchases--instead, she enjoys them and thinks the new remotes are cool. I know I have a problem, but love these forums (fora?) where I see every day I AM NOT ALONE.
Oh, by the way, one of my purchases went to a fellow who needed cash by April 1 to pay his taxes! He parted with a brand new EAD DVD player, I parted with most of my refund.
Taxes??? I did those last year. Thanks, Doug
Actually though, I haven't gotten a refund in years. I don't want one. I refuse to give the House of Representatives more of my money than they already waste. I suppose if they paid me a competetive rate of interest on the excess I might be willing to loan them some of my hard earned money. Thanks, Doug