Tax return burning a hole in my pocket

Ok, I have never won an award for being fiscally responsible. And, I really like listening to vinyl. And I have about 1500 lps, and about another 300 very nice used ones that need cleaning that I don't seem to catch up on. I have a highly modified Nottingham spacedeck, one off bearing, heavy kit, wave mechanic, custom SRA base. Nottingham Ace Space arm and Benz Micro Gullwing SLR cart. Now, help me spend my money, Audio Desk Systeme ultrasonic cleaner or new Graham Phantom tonearm. Can't afford both. Thanks for your input. ( phono amp is Herron VTSP-2 ).
Save some money and get a nice VPI cleaner. This will give you a whole new vinyl collection. Also use MoFi record cleaning products.
I have a VPI, nice cleaner. lots of solutions, takes too much time though. Also, I am not looking to lots of records, just really nice records. My limit is 2000, then when I add new ones I have to get rid of old ones to make room.
No problem, just fix your tax withholding so no refund appears. I admire your giving the Federal government an interest free loan every year. Save us all money.
Go for the ADS cleaner. It will let you realize your record collection to its fullest. The VPI can not compete. I own the 17f and have had the 16.5 before it.
Can't say how much of an upgrade the Graham would be over your Space arm but I would lean towards the tonearm first. I own the ADS and it is a god send so this really is a hard decision.
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I don't think you could go wrong either way, but I will side with Elizabeth. I think her argument makes a lot of sense. You may find a burst and clean 100 LP's or so, but then you'll fall behind again.

T_H_E___A_R_M is something you use ALL the time.
spend it quickly on audio, women and booze or there is a pretty good chance you will waste on something frivilous....
All records need to be cleaned! You will never know the true potential of your current system without the benefits of clean vinyl. Since you claim to be fiscally irresponsible use part of your tax refund and pay someone to clean your vinyl.
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spend it quickly on audio, women and booze or there is a pretty good chance you will waste on something frivilous....

LOL!! Truer words have never been typed. ;)
i stole it of course. there was a famous baseball player who was asked what he would do with his bonus. he said spend it on booze and broads. then he would just blow the rest of it.. ha