Tavish Vintage vs Bottlehead Eros

My AES PH-1 just doesn;t have the gain for my Soundsmith Otello cartridge. I've gotten down to these two phono preamps and would love any input on them. I like a warmish musical sound with a large well defined stage. Good detail retrieval helps, but a little less won't sink the deal. Cool, analytical or a flat stage is a definitely a no go....
Tavish uses the same 6SL7s and I love their sound. They'll also tweak a build for me to bring the MM gain up to suit my needs - pretty sweet.
Bottlehead Eros is a little unknown to, but looks and reviews to be outstanding for the price. The gain is fine at 50db
If anyone
I have been using the Tavish Design Vintage with the upgrade Tung Sol tubes for about 6 months.  It repacked the IFI Iphono2.  I find it to have a wider deeper soundstage and to be very quiet. Detail is better than the IPhono 2 which is good for its price. I can’t say much about the warmth because I think that’s system dependent.  I’ll just say I don’t plan to replace the Tavish anytime soon.

I'd go with the Tavish. Good reviews and more easily resold if necessary, and you like the tubes. Isn't the Bottlehead a kit? 
I too have the Vintage with the Tun sol tubes. Also have had it for about six months. This is a great phono amp. Very clean and great tone and sound stage. I’m keeping mine also.
Tavish it is! That all makes great sense.
Yes, the Eros is a kit, but there are a couple already built ones for sale now 

Thanks - I really appreciate the input.

I’m pretty psyched: Scott’s going to adjust the and I live close enough to pick it up to boot. Sweeeet!
That's cool! I picked mine up on ebay for $350. I could not believe it or pass it up. I think You will be happy with it. I'm using it with a Music Hall MMF-7.3 TT and an Ortofon 2m Black mm cart. Very good clean detailed and just plain "musical" sounding for lack of a better word. Enjoy!