Tavish Phono Stages

I've been looking at investing in a tube phono stage and came across Tavish Design.
Their phono stages look appealing especially for the price.
The Adagio Vacuum Tube is out of my price range thou.
The Vintage 6SL7 looks very interesting. My budget is up to $1000.00
Does anyone have any experience with this phono stage or Tavish in general?

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AD liked it a lot. I think it was the last issue of S-Phile, if not the one before. 
I see you posted this on the 18th, however if you haven't made your purchase yet I can highly recommend the Tavish Design 6SL 7 vintage phono pre. I've had it in my system now for about 3 months. After two years of switching out phono preamps, some which were very good, I still wasn't happy. With the Tavish in my system my search is over and I'm just enjoying the music. It does not add any coloration or overt "tube warmth", it just excells at bringing the music alive. It's all there, transparency, soundstage, dynamics but adds more of an analog experience than any of the other phono pre I've owned  IMHO, not to mention its hand made for you in New York State and priced very well. See Steven Guttenberg's CNET review for more info and specs. Hope this helps and good luck with your search, or enjoy what you purchased!

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