Tavish Phono Stages

I've been looking at investing in a tube phono stage and came across Tavish Design.
Their phono stages look appealing especially for the price.
The Adagio Vacuum Tube is out of my price range thou.
The Vintage 6SL7 looks very interesting. My budget is up to $1000.00
Does anyone have any experience with this phono stage or Tavish in general?

My TT is a Rega P5
Cartridge - Dynavector 12x2 Low MC


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I'm enjoying the 6SL7 myself. What I like about it, that its is quite.
I have only 12 hrs on it. I was told it takes about 50 hrs for it to break in, have you found that to be true?
Have you tried any NOS tubes with the unit?