Tavish Design Adagio Owners


I know that there must be a few of you out there , since there was a 12 to 14 week waiting period when I had ordered mine and they been made since 2016 .

What tubes are you using ?  Which ones have you tried ?

If you haven't changed your tubes since purchase and you want to try something new
start with the 12AU7 , like I did since it is only one tube , which I have found to have some of the greatest 
influence on the sound .  So far I've tried 3 NOS tubes from the late 50's and the 1 new one , that I am using . 

For the 5751 trio I am currently using 2 new Tung-Sol gold pin cryo treated 5751s in positions 1 and 2 ,
in position 3 I am using a 1959 GE gray long plate 12ax7 .  
For the 12AU7a position I am using a new Genalex Gold Lion gold pin cryo treated tube and 
for the EF86 positions I am using 1972 Tesla EF806s tubes .

This phono pre-amp not only sounds great but is also a whole lot of fun tube rolling !



Since there were 81 views a few must be Adagio owners .
I can't say how much fun tube rolling with this preamp is .
A week ago I received a NOS 1959 RCA 5751 triple mica black plate tube and started 
rolling between it , a 1959 GE 12ax7 long plate
and a new Genalex Gold Lion 12ax7 in the third position of the 5751 / 12ax7 tubes.
It took over 4 days for the NOS RCA to break in but it still did not sound as good
as the GE or the Gold Lion
UNTIL I placed it in position 1 with the 2 new Tung-Sol tubes in 2 and 3 , Wow this is fun !!
A 1950's GE 5 star 5751 is on it's way for more fun ,
but for now that will be it , at least until after the holidays . 


I'm on the waiting list to receive one. Besides tube rolling, how does it sound with the original tubes? It's a really nicely designed unit. I actually find it really convenient that it has a Mute switch on the front panel. Anyhow, I'd love to hear what others think about this Phono Amp.
With the original tubes after the break in period they sounded good ,
If you want to improve your sound try replacing them with NEW Tung-Sol gold pin cryo'd or not .

I replaced the 12AU7A Gold Lion with a NOS Raytheon from the 60's ,
wow ( now that it is broken in ) what clarity .
The Gold Lion has more warmth if that is what you are looking for .

I don't use the mute , wish it was a stereo/mono switch .

Congratulations and Have Fun Rolling .
I am seriously considering one of these someday. How does it do in terms of bass extension? I like a punchy and fast sound.

After a few weeks of breaking in with the original tubes I was very pleased with the bass extension .
It was the clarity and linearity that impressed me the most .

I use a MM cartridge going through a passive preamp .



I rolled in some GE 5751 Blackplates (3 micas), a GE 12BH7 in place of the 12AU7/ECC82 and a pair of 6267/EF86 Telefunkens. Pretty much improvement all across the board. They are also very quiet, perhaps even more so than the stock JJ's.

BTW - I noticed that they are offering a tube-regulated power supply for $1800! Scott will give owners of the SS PS a $300 trade-in towards the tube PS that uses a 5AR4 rectifier, a 6550 pass tube, and an EF86 error amplifier. The "fun" never stops!

That's great , did you roll them in one by one or all at once ?

The EF806s Tesla's I am using are" Telefunkens " ,
Tesla was making ( at least ) the EF86s and EF806s
for Telefunken in 1972  and themselves . 

Tube Power Supply = to many $$$$ for me
I was thinking about the upgraded transformers ,
but since I wouldn't be using them for the forceable  future I didn't think it was a good time to spend the extra $510 .


I did them all at once, since I really didn't feel like doing one or 2 tubes at a time. I also opted for the upgraded transformers when I ordered the Adagio. Scott said that they improved the bass response among other things. Yeah, I will likely not go for the tube-regulated power supply either. That's a LOT of money!

That is a great set up , how did you decide to try the 12BH7
in place of the 12AU7A ?  
I am curious about the sound after reading other opinions on substituting. I had to look up the data sheets on both and would be a little hesitant because of the plate dissipation and the heater current 
differences .
What cartridge are you using ? since you went with the upgraded transformer I'll assume that you are using a MC
or lower output MI or MM .


Thanks Rob, I do like it a lot! The tubes substitutions are based on Scott's recommendations below: 
"In my own personal Adagio I use Sylvania 6267 for the two EF86 in the second stage (6267 was the US designation for the EF86). NOS 6267 are getting hard to find, however.

For the output tube I use a GE 12BH7 in place of the 12AU7/ECC82. It is a larger tube with higher heater current, but the Adagio heater supply has adequate capacity for it."
I am using a Kiseki Purple Heart N.S. which has a .5mv output. The Adagio has plenty of gain for that cart.

That is a highly regarded and praised cartridge , You Lucky Guy .

While I can't afford a cartridge like that I can to try a 12BH7 , thanks .

Something I experienced that I'd like to pass on ,
I had 3 12ax7 GE gray long plate tubes dated within 6 months 1959/60.
I was testing them in the 3rd  position , 1 sounded ok , the 2d one sounded real good but the 3rd one sounded magical !

You might want to try each of your 5751s in the 1st position ,
or go a little further and put  JJs in #2and #3 using a GE in the 1st position rotating the other 2 in and placing the best sounding one in position 1 .
You might find a little more magic .



That is one highly regarded and praised cartridge , you lucky guy ,
While I can't afford a cartridge like that , I can try a 12BH7 tube , thanks.

I'd like to pass on something I experienced with 3 of the same tubes 
dated within 6 months of each other 1959/60 , GE long gray plates ,
2 sounded good and one stood out like magic .
You might want to try rotating your tubes to the 1st position or
go a little further and place JJ tubes in 2 & 3 to help isolate the sound of your GE tube while listening for the magic one .

Are there any other Tavish Design Adagio owners out there ?

callanjo2 , by now you have recieved yours , what do you think ?
have you been rolling tubes ?

grk , have you made any changes ?

I continued trying different 12au7a tubes since you only have 1
to buy and try . 2 GE gray plates from the early 60's, RCA black plate from the late 50's and then I tried Sylvania ! A gem that few talk about ,
I had pick up 2 from the early 60's for less than $10.00 and they both sounded great and was the tube maker I would be using
until I read about the Amperex 7316 and it's linearity ,
spent more than I'd like ( $110 )
but it is the best sounding , is it worth 10X ? 

I was able to try a Telefunken from the 60's and it sounded 
beautifully creamy , almost to sweet but I could love this sound  .

Next I rolled 5751s , I changed just about everything ,
I had found using a GE from the late 50's in the 1st postion 
and the new Tung-Sols in the 2d and 3rd postion .
I tried using 3 GE tubes all from 1960 ,  the sound was beautiful 
EXCEPT very little low end ! 
trying every combination I could I ended up with using 
a 1959 GE long plate in the 1st postion , a 1960 GE long plate 
( one of the 3 I had purchased for $30 ) in the 2d postion and then 
a Tung-Sol in the 3rd postion , this tube brought out the low end .
I tried Tung-Sols in positions 2 and 3 but they didn't add anymore bass 
and I lost some of the sparkle that the GE added in the 2d postion .

 grk you talked about upgrading the transformers for more bass ,
try an new Tung-Sol gold pin 5751 in the 3rd postion for more bass ,
worth trying for only $35.00 .


Has anyone had issues with resonance? Mine has caused my sub to pump on quiet parts. I’m planning on buying isolation pucks for my TT. Anyone have any experience and what you did? 

I can't say because I don't use sub (s) ,
but more information would help
anyone that might be able to help .
Are you using the shipped JJ tubes ? 
I'm guessing that you didn't have this issue
with your previous phono preamp .