TAVES 2013 Air Force One

Did anyone attend the TAVES show 2013 and get a chance to listen to the Air Force One turntable.
Any other analog highlights for that show?
Hi Pcosta,

yes I attended, saw and heard the AF-1

I assume by your posting you didn't go - what happened? Show is in your back yard sort of speaking.

There were allot more tables being shown this year - allot on static display also.

I couldn't go, I have a 12 year old son playing travel soccer, and I am the assistant coach. I was at this years RMAF so I got my hifi show fix for a while. I was also a little disappointed in last years show.
Yes our kids and family are #1 priority.

If you go onto the Canuck site there is some info.
I'm in agreement - I don't get too excited but nice to see TO is trying and I like to support hoping they will continue and grow -

I'm a proud owner of the AF-1 + Bob's first Elite tonearm - he came over Sun morning and set-up.

Refer to THE BELOW LINK - scrow down to the bottom for pics. Bob is in one setting up his arm and other all set-up and listening to music :-)


So what did you and Bob listen to first.
Congrats Dev!!

awesome table indeed.

What did you do with little brother Micro Seiki table?
Pcosta - Ellington "Jazz Party" Unfortunately Bob couldn't stay for any length of time - long drive back home.

Downunder - Thx - I still have but will be selling. My MS 5000 table as configured is the only one in the WORLD as such - if you would like more info feel free to pm me

Congrats Dev. I think you have hit the pinnacle of vinyl reproduction. Enjoy it in good health.
Hi Rockitman,

thanks, yes I agree and you enjoy yours also.

Amazing instrument.