Taste of Brazil.

Anyone here digs on Brazilian funk and jazz?
I was stunned by Velosso and wonder where I should research further. Also have Flora Purim and Airto albums...
Despite understanding no word in Portugese I still enjoy the great music.
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Wow!!! Velosso was great in his solo in the movie "Frieda". I too would like to know which of his albums to get. Can anyone offer experienced advise?

ThereĀ“s a lot of information, even funk music (Banda Black Rio, Ed Motta)

Do an AMG search on Jorge Ben and Chico Science.
Os Mutantes. Hard to describe. "Anything is Possible" is a great compilation, should be all you need. A funky, psychedelic 60's bossa-nova pop, mostly. Acid-drenched, and I mean *drenched*!
if you have a Tower Records close to you, they have the best selection on Brazilian music. Speaking of Caetano Veloso, i believe he is the best "pop" artist right now. To introduce yourself to his music probably you should get "Livro" and "Noites do Norte Vivo". To give you an example in an american context about him, he could be Bob Dylan, Michael Jackson, Bruce springsteen. and David Byrne roll into one.
for Caetano Veloso check Borders for his DVD...excellent perfomer...my wife and i saw him live in Rio...pretty good!
This is a MUST BUY in the genre:


Trio da Paz - Cafe

Can't say enough about these guys! I'm not in the group, don't receive royalties from the label, don't roadie for them, etc., etc.

But get the CD, they're not well known but have stunning technical musicianship, breathtaking interpretations of everything from Gentle Rain to Bach's famous Arioso.

I'm almost willing to offer a money-back guarantee...except I'm cutting a check today to a certain uncle.

I don't know if this fits here but Joao Gilberto, Astrud Gilberto and Stan Getz are great. Try 'Stan/Getz', 'Stan Getz plays Jobim' and 'The girl from ipanema: the antonio carlos jobim songbook'.
bebel Gilberto's cd 'Tanto tempo' is also good.