Tascam CD-601mkII CD Player

Anyone familiar with this player? I am concerned exclusively with the reliability and quality of the transport section. This will be used with a highly modified Wadia 25 DAC, which has an 861 board and runs cooler than a 27ix among other things, so the DAC section is of no concern to me. I know Tascam is a division of Teac, who also makes Esoteric equipment, but I am not foolish enough to think that this unit would be on the same level as the Esoteric brand. However, I was curious if this Pro unit might share any similarities with that esteemed division. I appreciate any constructive contribution or criticism.
These units are popular in recording studios because of their incredable durability. One "upgrader" also uses this unit as his base to modify because of its excellent transport section. If you have a good DAC, as you do, these units have a modest price and are very durable. You can't really go wrong.