TAS - turntable setup

Anyone else read the turntable set up in the recent The Absolute Sound. An in-depth step by step guide on how to setup a turntable - BUT - they left out one important step.

Balancing the tonearm. I had to reread the article a number of times to be sure I was not missing that critical step. How could a well-repected audio magazine 'forget' that step - come on, author and proof readers. I am not an expert by any means but I do know that step is very crucial.
IMHO, the reason the writers don't mention "Balancing" a tonearm is that they incorporated this step into "Step Three Setting VTF".

I haven't really "balanced" a tonearm for many moons. Ever since I got all of my "analog tools". If you use any type of a tracking force gauge, (Shure, any of the battery operated scales, etc) you really don't need to do this. All it will do, is get you close to zero in the beginning, but you still need to use a gauge to get it right on. Since the stylus would only be on the gauge for a very, very short time, I really don't think any damage can be done even if the VTF is way off in the beginning.

I guess it depends on how adept you are at turntable setup.
...just a caution for those who use electronic scales....most of them have a magnetic attraction to the cartridge. You must modify your scale with an outrigger to eliminate this attraction, or all bets are off.
MoFi - Thank you for the clarification.
My AcousTech electronic stylus force gauge is constructed of stainless steel. I've tested it with a neodymium magnet and no part of it can magnetically attracted.