TAS reviews Discovery and HT info?

hello could someone give a synopsis of the absolute sound reviews of Discovery cable in issue 131 and the harmonic technology cable review in issue 127 ?
Anthony Cordesman praised the Discovery cables as very musical and ungimmicked; he said their $800 interconnect (the essence? I don't recall the name) compared with other wires costing far more; and did a rant about audiphiles who buy cables expecting them to cure other sonic ills. He said Discovery cables work well with a wide range of equipment; however, no specific equipment was mentioned, which diminishes the usefulness of this review for me....The discovery cables I have audioned are all very smooth and natural sounding, not the last word in resolution, but sweet and enjoyable. I own discovery power cords, but did go to other lines for my interconnects and speaker cables. But, I do think these choices are all system-specific; and you've just got to audition for yourself. CHeck out the Cable Company, which lets you do just that.
thank you for answering