TAS new look-the end is near?

Picked up the latest copy of The Absolute Sound a couple of days ago and something just aint right. First I noticed the cover has changed. Gone is the dignified layout- White boardered in a contrasing color. Changed is the subtitle from "The High End Journal of Audio and Music" to "Stereo - Multichannel Audio - Music" ! Flipping through I find bold red printed highlighted quotes between paragraphs in some of the reviews. Then I came accross pages 18-19. FUTURE TAS big orange letters, pictures and arrows and captions and it hit me. Stereo Review! Audio! But not TAS! Even the paper stock seems cheaper. I remember when the cool little "underground" mag grew to full size. Oh well at least the print and pics were bigger. But now the "journal" looks like any mag, no character. Shorter reviews, less critical comment, more watered down praise. Now this! What happened to this sharp edged journal? Does this distub anyone else? PS- if the must change their look they should check out HI-FI+ (GB).
Unless I missed it among the numerous posts here, there is no direct reference to a comparison between what happened (somewhat gradually) to J. Gordon Holt at Stereophile after Larry Archibald bought it and what appears to be happening (somewhat more rapidly) to Harry Pearson. Each of these gentlemen founded their publications with a particular and personal point of view and over a period of time were forced to make compromises-advertising for one!-but even then they were unable to maintain the financial viability of these enterprises. I subscribed to and/or purchased both magazines over many years largely because of those personal, if sometimes irritating (especially Mr. Pearson) visions and quirks. I gave up on Stereophile as a subscriber at least 5 years ago (Probably about the time Jonathan Scull began to loom large-no pun intended-in the scheme of things there) and on TAS perhaps 3 years ago when its appearance became sporadic. I currently don't buy the former at all, but have probably purchased at the newsstand every TAS issue since its resurgence. In fact I was about to subscribe to the latter again until Robert Harley emerged as Editor-in-Chief. And now the new look! These events, and my (purely personal) speculation that HP is, by whomever's choice, on his way out, have put that plan on hold.

And, yes, I know I referred above to Mr. Pearson as irritating, but, in spite of his verbosity, pomposity, arrogance, and at times outright meanspirited-ness,(Although he has clearly been operating under some restraints since he was forced to give up control.), but the man is entertaining and often thought-provoking. I for one will hate to see him go if that is indeed what is going to happen.
Suretyguy, I couldn't agree with you more. Pearson is a personality in the tue old sense of the world, not one of those run of the mill types, who though intelligent, will adroitly adapt themselves to anything and call it political correctness out of pure lack of guts. If he is still true to his character, I doubt that he will take to the restraints imposed on him for very long. I will be sad to see him go, because we all owe him much, last not least the language we use to describe what we hear.
We also owe him "Lyrita", "Living Stereo", "Living Presence", A wonderful Super Disc list, The ability to spot greatness almost as quickly as the Asian audiophiles. The publication was immensely satisfying for at least until the first 60 issues or so. The original format, whereby 3 reviewers all gave thier view on a unit under test, was the way it should have stayed. The downfall of these mags is commercialism. When the editor in chief (HP), only concerns himself with $60+k Burmiester cd player/transports,and stops recognition of high performance real world products,(and or comments on such), an "ivory tower" perception is observed by the longtime subscriber. Most high end mags have lost thier way since the 90s. HP needs to start over. He could look to issues 1 thru 10 of TAS to see how it should be done.........Frank
"HP needs to start over"? Hmmmmm...I wonder if he has an exclusivity contract with the current TAS management for his audio musings? Or might he be 'permitted' to start a small-format publication, or even a newsletter, NO ads :-), and build up a subscriber base the old-fashioned way? Maybe even a password-protected subscription web site? I love the idea of bringing back some of the directness and simplicity of TAS and S'phile in their salad days! Of course, neither he, nor we, can recreate our own innocence....