TAS for sale

I'm moving, and I have an important collection of the magazine The Absolute Sound for sale, starting from the first 1973 issues and going to 2002. How should I go about it? Should I post the collection in the auction section of the Audiogon and see what happens? Go to ebay? Thank you for any suggestion.


I'm not sure why anyone would buy them.  What is your perceived value of all those old magazines?
Hi, About 8yrs ago I auctioned a full set of the absolute sound mags here and they sold for under a hundred! If you sell them one at a time on epay you will get more for them but with much more work!Maybe your experience will be better, Tish
I've got an almost full set going back from the beginning until sometime around 1993 or 1994 I think.  If anyone wants them, they are free but you have to pick all of them up.
Best bet is to post a Classified ad here.  The forum is not the place for it.
Don't be cheap pay for an ad.
@carrard  Send me an email to [email protected], attn: Tammy and I can better advise you.