Target stores vinyl clearance

just an FYI

it appears the Target is removing albums from their stores... they have their in store albums marked clearance... picked up a number of Beatles 180 gram for $15.38 and the 2011 Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon for around $20 ... store in Washington PA had a handful of titles..
im buyin a plain tix now.
I guess now Walmart gets to carry forward vinyl's big comeback....
I checked the Target dot com website and vinyl prices have not been slashed at all. Maybe it is just those specific PA locations that are getting rid of their vinyl? The Target stores I frequent in the Nassau County area don't carry LPs at all.
Mapman, you are correct,
Thanks for the heads up Jim, Although, I called my local Jersey Target and was told they really only had a small handful of records there. So go and purchase their examples and post your reviews on the "why new music sucks" thread. HA
(you did find some classics, tho)
When CD was beginning to get big Sam Goody was liquidating all of their Vinyl for about $1 each. I went a few times with $25. Found some very nice Jazz! Still have them.
When the Santa Barbara,California Wherehouse quit selling vinyl (80s?) I picketed the store with a "Save The LP" sign.The local television station interviewed me for the news,old hippie has flashback etc. etc.Anyway afterwards I went in and bought a Miles Davis Boxset "Chronicles" for under $20.So, Jimpittsburgh I think the sign is still out in the garage if you need it.