Target speaker stands

Hey folks,

Just wondering if anyone is familiar with the Target FS series stands. There are four holes in the corners of the top plates and accompanying nuts and bolts. Clearly intended for something to be attached, but what? The speakers? Hope this is isn't a bonehead question! Thanks to anyone who can enlighten me.

Probably spikes..............
Yes, it was meant for the speakers to sit on spikes. However the latest school of thought for monitors is to use bluetac instead. You get stability and dampening. It's almost like gluing your monitors to the stands.
I used bluetac with my Spicas and I can lift the entire structure as one piece. The stands weigh about 70lbs and the speakers another 20 or so pounds. Bluetac does it's job very well when enough is used. Oh, I have 4 bar Target Stands 24" tall.