Target Has Beatles Vinyl

Don't know if this has been covered, but Target has the Beatles vinyl reissues. I picked up Let it Be, Revolver, and Sgt. Peppper's this morning. They are located in the TV area on an end cap. Amazingly, mine were all on "clearance" for $15 each!
Are these re-masters or original masters?
List price is under 19.00, regular Target price onine is under 17.00
In My experience New vinyls of old music DO NOT SOUND VERY GOOD. Find the Original record at a garage sale or store..its much better sounding..Save your $$$
you won't find any original Beatles with decent quiet vinyl anywhere even close to the latest reissue except at very high prices for mint versions.

Yes the reissues are not 96k remaster, but they are 24 bit, and the $250 set I purchased from Amazon sounds really very good.

You do need to play them right away to make sure there are no manufacturing defects. I had to return the Let it Be album from my set due to this, but all the others were perfect.
Amazing,,They said vinyl was dead ,,and now can be found at Target,,,I love it! vinyl will never die!!!
You all need to get out more. This is months old...they are already on clearance.