Taralabs cables

Hi, I wanted to start a new thread for all the owners of Taralabs cables, Enjoy, and cheers.
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Hi romney80, yes, There is a significant difference with performance, I would get the 0.8 with ground station interconnect's, very revealing, definitely will let you know your weak link of your system is if out fitted with all of it, the speaker cable's are good as well.
Tara Lab's has usb cable's!, incredible sound,  new to market. 

Keith- check out my Virtual System.  What gear are you running now?

Happy Listening!
Hi there, I am after a pair of Tara Labs speaker cables.
Tossing up between these:

RSC Air Evolution
The 2
RSC Air Forte

Can any of you explain how the sound differs?
also which are the most wife friendly (well the thinnest).

Its for YG Carmels paired up with a Boulder 866

thanks for your help