Tara Master Gen II XLR Interconnects

I just bought the Tara RSC Master Generation II interconnects. Can you guys help by telling me what your's look like on the terminations? Mine do not look like the ones on the Tara website, they simply have shrink wrapped ends that say "RSC Mas Gen II" and one has a red stripe aroung it. No red strain-relief sleeve like the web photos and no "Tara" on anything. Just want to know if I got the real thing....?
My pair is the same. There is a serial number on one of the shrink wrap but nothing with "Tara" on it.
Smorey, you've got the real thing. I bought mine (XLR) new (back in 94/95) from a dealer. It looks like you describe (ie. no Tara, RSC MG II on the XLR sleeve). Yes, I also have the serial nbr on the sleeve.
Sfstereo & Ikarus, thanks tons. Mine have the serial numbers also (which I hadn't noticed) on the "upstream" end. You two have given me peace of mind!