Tara Labs the One vs the Two

Most of my system is cabled with Tara The One, and I think it's phenomenal; I never REALLY believed that cables could make this much difference until I heard them. I need another cable, and wonder if anyone has an opinion about the degree of difference in sound between the One and the Two? Thanks.
What parts of your system are you looking to 'complete' with either The Two or The One? Can you give more details on your components and interconnects, speaker cable, etc...as it exists today?
Analog......tonearm to phono preamp.
Ok, thanks...I have no experience with The One vs The Two for LP-related usage. For interconnects The One is just that much 'more' of everything if you get my meaning. My favorite version of The One interconnect is the version with the HFX Floating Ground station in terms of transparency, imaging, black backgrounds, precision, etc...While I've upgraded to 0.8 balanced interconnects, I still appreciate what The Ones provided in my system. I still have a dual (shotgun) pair of The One speaker cables; they are a giant-killer to say the least...