Tara labs the one vs the 2 ism onboard ic´s


Dos enyone have a oppinion on have the old The one ic´s with the seperat grounding station compare to the new the 2 with ism onboard ?

the old the one interconnects sound better than the new the one interconnects with ism onboard so they certainly will sound better than the 2s with ism onboard.
For real have you A/B tested them ?
Yup...I'm not the only one who thinks so either. I have talked to quite a few Tara dealers who feel the same way.
Okay thanks

I have always liked the smooth yet detajled sound from the tara labs cables i have heard
what do the ones bring to a system compard to others ?

The one's are very neutral and very detailed with pitch black backgrounds. If you get the interconnects I recommend getting the speaker cables as well. They really sound amazing together.