Tara Labs the One versus MIT magnum MA

I currently use tara labs the one between my DAC and preamp and sonoram plateau between preamp and poweramp. I want to play around with cabling a bit and there are two pairs of MIT magnum MA being auctioned off right now. I am thinking of bidding to get at least one pair to replace the sonorams.

My question is would there be any merit in picking up the second pair as well to replace the tara labs cable? Would there be any synergy in using MIT throughout (without the MIT speaker cable of course - 4K for used Magnum MA speaker cable is way out of my range). Any comments - preferably from folks that have owned both the MITs and Tara labs - are welcome.

Of course all is contingent on my bid being the highest, but in case it is I want to know if I should get both pairs or just one.