Tara labs The One pc-

Hi,would this pc go best on a Audio research preamp,phono stage or a amp.There isnt much about this pc on the net.Thankyou,your thoughts would be appreciated.
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I have one on my Threshold T-200 amp, and one on my TARA Labs Power Screen AD-10B going into the wall. The rest of the PC's are TARA Labs Decade, on all of my sources. The people at TARA Labs will probably tell you to put the best Cables on the source, though.
Great thanks,Im just a newbie in powercords,I will have to try to know.Im impressed with The One ism interconnect.Thanks again.
Hi again,I have just hooked up the one pc to my plinius SA 250,and love it.Im surprised how good it is,wow is a pretty good word.Would someone have another recomendation for a powercord for the preamps.? Lessloss signature or shunyata python maybe ?,thanks.