Tara Labs The One Interconnect

I just bought a pait of The Ones with floating grounding station. The ate three male grounding wires coming out of the cables and one female wire. The grounding station only has inputs for three male inputs. The female wire is just hanging out there. Is this right? How does this work?
The 3rd cable need to be added by you and ground it to your pre amp or CD player.

One male and female wires are connected together by the end of the flow of the cables. So if you are connecting the cables from your CD player to your pre amp, the 2 male connectors at the CD player end goes to the Grounding stationleft and right. The male/ female connectors by your pre amp are connected together. Add a 3rd male cable to the EARTH of the grounding station and connect it to the CD player earth connector and if you don't have one, Tara Labs supply a screw in screw replacement piece to connect to your pre amp for the 3rd earth cable.

Hope this helps.