Tara Labs RSC Master Gen II XLR

Can anyone comment on use of these cables? How did they perform on your or other set-ups?

I'm trying to decide if replacing my less than 2 month old MIT 330 plus 2 RCA with a balanced cable (My new B&K Ref 50 added balanced output capability)is worth it. I found a used pair of the Tara that would work but I'm not very familiar with their line. Any help is appreciated.
Tara Labs cables are extremely neutral and somewhat laid back. The Air Series (Air 3, Air 2 and Air 1 in increasing quality) are far superior to the Master Gen II series, especially in HF control and resolution. If you can afford a few more dollars, try to find a pair of used Air 3 or Air 2 XLRs. The improvement is well worth it.
The TARA gen 2 cables are OK, but unless you are getting it very cheap, there are a lot of better cables out there. Acoustic Zen Matrix is far superior in just about every way to the TARA cable