Tara Labs RSC Air 1 Speaker Cable

Does anyone own or have experience with the Tara Labs RSC Air speaker cables? I have seen favorable reviews, but would like some more feedback.
I have a set of Air 1's about 7ft in length in the closet. They're clean sounding cables that don't seem to impart any sound of their own. I do think they are pricey however. The 7' pair retailed for about $2400. It's also handy they have changable connectors.
I have an 8 ft pair that I no longer use having switched over to Harmonic Technology a few years ago. The Airs were nice but I hear more detail from the HT cables.
I owned the Air 1's for a while. They are very neutral cables that are tonally balanced. If that is your price range then I recommend them. However, I would look for a used pair of Tara Labs The One on Audiogon. They are a huge jump in performance over the Air series. Having said that you can't go wrong with any Tara Labs. They are all I have ever used in my system. I have tried other cables and you just can't beat the tara labs once you get to the air series and up.

I own the Omega's now. The performance is mind blowing(so is the price but the're worth it).
It really depends on the rest of your system. Typically one selects the rest of the gear first and then matches the cables. I am using Tara Labs Air2, which I chose after auditioning MIT, Cardas, Nordost, Audioquest, Kimber, and Synergistic Research (went with Synergistic for the interconnects). However, now I've changed preamp and amp and I think I have to do the whole process again. I loved the Tara Labs air series between a Bryston amp and Snell speakers. There's no substitute for auditioning though. -Dave
FWIW I have heard that Matt Bond feels that the Air 1 is quite special, possessing a huge % of the zero sound(or lack thereof).
I have the speaker cables (2 sets for bass amp/crossover and amp - into stats) and love them. I have all RSC Air I interconnects except for 2 pair balanced "The One" and a single ended pair of "The One" (balanced pairs between CD Player & preamp and between bass amp/crossover & amp). I absolutely love their neutral, detailed sound. I would upgrade to "The One" speaker cables in the future ( still need 2 pairs) but due to performance of what I have, and the price of the "Ones", I can easilly wait. I have found that Tara Labs has given my dealer great deals for me as I have been a dedicated Tara customer for many years. He calls them and says "their for the same guy", and they actually offer a deal that shows they appreciate my patronage. When I upgraded my prior CD player which used single ended (The One) and now needed balanced "the one", they gave me a huge discount. Don't know many manufacturers (and dealers) who would do that!