Tara Labs question for general newbie

Hi All,

Im just getting started in all of this so please bare with me. Obviously working with a budget, i ran across some listing on the other big auction site and there are Tara Labs RSC audio cables (axiom, prime and reference models) all listed for the same price. I have exhausted my research on google and found nothing listing these EXCEPT a Russian price list. My question is which one should i look at bidding on? Is there a noticeable difference? I have read many threads stating I should really concentrate on cables just as much as I do on the equipment itself.

Thanks for your advise in advance!!

Daniel Strickland
I'd avoid such a place, were I you. You have no idea what you'll be getting.

Instead, go with an authorized dealer. You can find them at the taralabs.com site.
You have to be careful; there are a lot of faked Tara Labs products around in internet. Better buy it from a seller with good reputation.
I appreciate your concerns and words of wisdom. I did ask questions to the buyer which all sounded very legit, upfront and honest but still my question would be how do these cables stand up as far as rating? Are the AXIOM cables a higher rated cable then the Prime? etc etc.

Thanks again.
I am not sure which order is which. I purchased the prime bi wire a couple of weeks ago from a reputable source and love them. They warmed up a fairly bright system and no loss on detail at all. I love them!!!
TARA Labs is a good brand of cables. I've atleast a couple of models from them & enjoyed listening to them - the Prism biwire & Master Gen 2 interconnects & speaker cables.

I believe that the Axiom model is the older one in the 3 models that you cited. It was a well regarded cable but some of the upper models from the Prime line & definitely the Reference line will better it.
In the Prime model range there used to be Prime 500 (entry level), Prime 1000 & Prime 1800. If you haven't guessed it, the Prime 1800 was the best in this model range. Later the RSC Prime Gen2 came out & that was even better (& more expensive).
ABove the Prime is the RSC Reference & the later RSC Reference Gen 2. Needless to say, the RSC Reference Gen 2 is the best of all the models you cited.
SO, if you are bidding, my reco is to bid on the Reference & that too the Reference Gen 2 if there is one being auctioned.
If you have budget contraints bid on the top-most model that fits your budget.
Good luck!