Tara Labs Quantum Reference interconects

Hi, has anyone heard or owned these interconnects.
I have over the last 6 months purchased two pairs of these, MKII. The original terminals are slightly better than the upgraded ones, I think done by AudioAdvisor back when. I have auditoned at least 10 other pairs up to $700, including 4 pure silver ones, over these last 4 months to see if anything is better and these taras remain my favorites. They have excellent soundstaging and bass. The high end could be a bit better, as exposed by some of the silver ones. My system=Cary SLI-80 integrated, Carver SD/A 360 and Cal Audio Aria tube cds, Alpha-Core Goertz MI2 speaker cables, Ruark Talisman II speakers, Pure Silver Sound AC Power cord and Monsterpower 5000 line conditioner. I also suggest the inexpensive interconnects from Cableplex, available via eBay.
I've used several pairs of Mk 2, both in single-ended and balanced versions. They have a warm-yet-detailed quality that complements most solid-state gear, with excellant soundstaging. They had an original retail price of $250/meter ($288 balanced) and would be a bargain for around $100 on the used market. These are better than anything new at that price point! Still one of my favorites.