Tara Labs Quantum III speaker cables

Can anyone tell me anything about these speaker cables, when made, price/8' biwired pair, strengths and weaknesses, etc.?
I think my friend had a pair of the Quantum III. Are they blue/teal colored? If so they were made in the late 80s and sold for about $200. My memory may be off a little but this info is pretty close. They are a well rounded cable from what I recall - Tara has been on the mark most of the time.
BTW I think $200 is for 8ft single run not bi wire...
I purchsed these cable some years back and really felt they improved my system which was comprised of all Adcom components and Energy Pro Monitor Speakers. I did not use them bi-wired but still have a 12 foot pair. I did and still used Tara Quantum III interconnects and have been very pleased. However, the RCA connections are getting lose for some reason. I am currently experiementing with DH Labs Silver Sonic Q-10 bi-wired speaker cables which replace my Tara RSC Prime bi-wired cables. I am trying the BL-1 Silver Sonic interconnects, as well, between my Arcam 73 CD Player and Adcom Preamp. They both sound fantastic- very open and detailed.
FWIW Tkyc, you might want to contact Tara about the loose ends. I had a similar problem with their Pandora IC (15years old) and emailed them they told me to send it in to be fixed for free. They even paid for shipping back to me. First class customer service IMO.
Thanks for the suggestion. I think I will just replace the RCA with locking type. Good luck with your cables
I am using the Tara Quantum III cables again on my second system. Still sound great with the Energy Pro Monitors. Using Tara Quantum 66 interconnects between my DAC and Preamp. Silver Sonic BL-1's from preamp to amp. Sound is almost as good as my main system
I dug out my Quantum III + cables circa 90-92 ? to use on Snell Ci speakers I had picked up because my Speltz 3 sounded like crap on them, the Tara transformed these wonderful speakers to their full glory of old. The difference was staggering to say the least.
Yes,  the quantum 3 cable's are good cable's from long ago, over the next two months taralab's will be introducing a whole new entry series that replaces the current TL series,  this is the cable's-APOLLO SERIES: It’s 2016, and TARA Labs is very excited at presenting an introduction to our newest line of entry level high-end audio cables. In mythology, Apollo was one of the twelve mythological deity gods that were worshipped by the ancient Greeks and Romans. Apollo was the god of music, poetry, healing and light amongst other virtues he was endowed with. TARA Labs has taken that inspiration from this mythology as well as what Apollo represented, and named our new line of audio cables for those very qualities that made him a god to the ancients.
Apollo Series cables will represent a new era in entry level products for TARA Labs.
We developed this brand new concept for the Apollo, keeping in mind the relationship they will have with their counterpart components. In electronics, we sometimes refer to trickle-down technology. At TARA Labs, we make full use of this term by incorporating numerous technological advances and designs from our higher-end reference cables into the Apollo Series audio cables. Compared to the TL series, Apollo cables have a more coherent construction and design which translate to a substantial enhancement of soundstage, high frequency extension, spatial cues, improved noise floor, as well as enhanced musicality.
The Apollo speaker cables construction now includes our proprietary BSM termination (Banana/Spade modules). So instead of soldered on spades or bananas, you can now switch the termination at will with little effort on your part. This bodes well with the numerous components that require either or both terminations. The Apollo interconnects are also available with either RCA or XLR termination. In addition, the Apollo Series cables will offer an audiophile a musical experience that is easily comparable to cables costing many times more their price! We would venture to say “Get a $1000.00 upgrade to your audio system for around $200.00”
The Apollo Series cables will be replacing our current line of entry level cables, The TL Series.If you have question's, email me, cheers