Tara Labs Quantum 3+ Tara Quantum 1V

Hi, has anyone heard or owned the Tara Labs Quantum 3+ speaker cables, or the Tara Labs Quantum 1V Interconnects.
all the cabling between my melos preamp, marchand x-over, electrocompaniet monitor amps, adcom subwoofer amps, is quantum iv. i think they're an excellent not-too-spendy cable. they seem to me to be neutral, neither highlighting, nor detracting from what the equipment is doing. if yer digital is too bright, this won't help. if ya got good detail, this won't hurt. etc. ;~)

hope this helps some, doug s.

ps - the run between pre & x-over is ~18', & i have no problem w/loss of dynamics, loss of transparency, excess noise, (they're rca's, not xlr's), etc...

I owned Quantum 3 (not +) for many years. I thought they were very good basic cables for the price, and had no real complaints. I used 34'runs. In fact I have them for sale (along with a 34' run of Quantum 2). I upgraded to the original version of Transparent Reference, which does give you more detail and better spacial information.
I am biwiring with a 8ft pair of Quantum Reference on the bass and Quantum III+ on the mid/highs. The design is the same only the Reference has more conductors. I think they are a steal at the price. The sound is full, detailed and deep. Revealing without being bright. You could probably pick up a 8 ft pair of III+ for less than $100, you can't beat that.