Tara labs,onyx interconnect

Hi there,can someone gives little information on what to expect with this interconnect.I went crazy again and splashed out.Tara the one,is one of my old time favorites.Thanks in advance.
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Audiolabrynth should chime in here soon. He is a Tara Devote. I currently have two of the One PCs.
Audiolabrynth likes Tara cables? Really?
Here I Am, LOL!, The one and only, Audiolabyrinth!, Do not buy Taralabs, They are junk cable!
Just Kidding!, The onyx is a very good cable, If you have questions, I may be of service., cheers.
Run an earth ground to the HFX box. Earth NOT chassis ground.
Thanks,I can't wait to hear this cable, im hoping to live with it for a long time.At the moment Im using tara labs master,and I think it its a lovely cable for the money.
@Audiolabyrinth you are the Tara expert here you should give Misternice some feedback....after all you got me started on Tara!

I run 2 0.8EX IC's and The One speaker cables and they are very nice indeed....pricey but that's the game! I keep hearing the next level is to a big step up, can't imagine but that is the word. Good luck and give us some feedback. Cheers!
@ Misternice, Hi, pops is a dear friend of mine and a well seasoned audiophile,, The Taralabs master interconnect you have I use to own myself, You are going to go thru a state of shock going to the onyx i/c, the onyx should come with three jumper cables and one hfx grounding station, one jumper cable with the spade termination and the bannana termination is your grounding jumper cable, the bannana plugs in the middle hole on the hfx box and the spade end you need to unscrew a screw on one of your componets and put the spade end of the grounding jumper on the componet, this is your ground, this signifacally reduces the noise floor!, the other two jumper cables have bannana terminations on both ends, on the source end of the interconnect only, you plug your jumpers to the pig tails coming out of the cable and then plug the other ends to the grounding station,, the other end of the interconnect you simply plug into each other,, If it is a used cable you bought, please give it 300 hours of re-burn-in time,, then you can evaluate your impressions of your cable, 400 hours if it is new,,, your onyx i/c is at 85% the performance value of the current Taralabs top cable, the zero gold that I own,, If you enjoy the Tara sound, you will love this cable and live with it a long time,, congrats to you!, you have a very, very, great cable, one of the best available!, we will be here to hear what you have to say on the sound,, Happy listening!
Brilliant,I haven't used a ground station before,this info will be very helpful,thankyou.The cable could take up to a month to arrive as to where I live,customs and I have a weeks holiday coming up.I will happily give my opinion,when it does.Im sure it will take me to a new level of appreciation,of my favourite music.
@ Jebsmith73, Hi, I am going to run my i/c to earth ground myself!, I know its better, I have not got around to doing it, and I have to come up with a way to run earth ground to my grounding station, Are you running your grounding station to earth ground?, how much of an improvement is it?, Thankyou, and cheers.
@ Misternice, Hi, where do you live?, cheers.
Hi, Ive been living and working in karratha ,Western Australia.
@ Misternice, Are you Austalian?, LOL!, You have not hit me with mate yet, what major city are you close to?, Melbourne?, You know the founder of Taralabs is from Australia, He still lives there at times, His R&D for the cables is there, this is where he is finishing up on his new top cables at, thats due before or by march 2014, His name is Mathew Bond, cheers.
Oh shit sorry mate.Im from New Zealand,been over here a couple of years,chasing the money,working hard, and this year starting to build up a quality system.I didn't know,the people behind tara labs still do a bit of work in oz.Like you mate,I like the complete balance,of tara labs interconnects.I didn't realize,even a used cable,to give it a few hundred hours to bed in,interesting.
@ Misternice, Wow!, You are the first gentleman I have talked to from New Zealand, what a beutiful country New Zealand is!,, How do you like Australia so far?, any trouble from the locals?, they do not like many americans,,, what kind of work do you do?,,, Each model in the Tara line up does take a different amout of burn-in time, your onyx is close to the zero gold, I put 400 hours on my the zero gold, I bought it used, I believe it is still improving with more playing time, I thought it was done at 400 hours, I was wrong, Its getting even better than before, surly 600 hours it will be complete, Are you useing Tara speaker cables?,, cheers mate.
Hi,yes nz is a beautiful place,home of Plinius,and the (all blacks),the national rugby team.I drive a truck in and around karratha mate,which is pretty much a mining town.Most people are good,I m enjoying life too much to listen to negative people,drama queens if you like,haven't heard one that doesn't like americans yet. I use signal cables, silver speaker cable,which I find are quite good,and have magnan signature sc,in a box, I dig out from time to time.I would like to hear a good tara seaker cable.My next purchase,next year is likely to be a powercord or 2,abit of fine tuning.Have a good day mate,can I ask,what is one of your favourite albums over the last year.My music collection is mainly in nz,so im missing that a bit.
@ Misternice, Hi, I did know Plinius was from New Zealand, well, if you like rock-n-roll, I would say a band called Halestorm, their 2009 debut Atlantic records cd, all the songs are good, the band has a real good female singer!, they have a new alblum out now, we will get it soon..,, I would say, eany Taralabs speaker cable from the one on up is a good speaker cable, we just bought their current top power cable the cobalt power cord with the oyaide plugs, I will not get to listen to the power cord untill we get our Krell 700 cx amp back from Krell in october, thats when we pay our final payment for renewing the amp!, cheers.
Thanks for that,i have a wide taste in music,and like to hear new stuff.I'll try and access that album.I've never heard a krell,though lots of good things are said,one day it will happen.At this stage,I'll probably use the master from the cd player and the onyx between pre and amp.Can I ask,what interconnect do you use from the cd player.than you.
@ Misternice, The Taralabs Zero Gold Balanced 1-meter, I only use one i/c period, I run my source direct to amp.,, cheers.
Are you SURE that you shouldn't have a pre-amp of some kind ?
If you run your source to your amp, how do you control the volume. Most Cd Players do not have a volume control... at least to my knowledge ?????
@ Grey9hound, Hi, The Ayon 2s that I am cuurently using has a transformer based volume control, All the cd-players I have had is either digital volume control or analog volume control, the analog volume control units are a pre-amp built into the unit, say like the Ayon 5s player, The 2s that I have is digital volume, what makes it better than most other digital volumes is the fact that the signal goes from the out-put tubes to a transformer on each channel before out-put to the amplifier, esentually a transformer based digital volume control, the result is way better clarity over a pre-amp, you would need to buy a pre-amp over the $10,000.00 price point to better direct to amp!, However it can be done!, cheers.
@ mister nice, Did you get a chance to youtube any songs from the Halestorm alblum?
Hi there,yes.Very good.I'll like this band for sure.
@ Misternice, Right on, Did you listen to Halestorm, familiar tast of poison?, Its a power ballad, this song sounds real good on high-end audio systems!, these days music does not have such beutiful power ballads, she is one good singer, like I said, their debut alblum is great, every song is good, thats rare to these days, Happy Listening.
Thankyou,I think the whole band are good musicians,I bet it sounds great,on a good system.Ill probably get a few of there albums.You mite like,nick cave,latest album,its a good one for the collection.My cable got posted today,a little slow,but its on the way so im happy.
Misternice, Hi, so when do you expect the cable at your house?, are you buying used or new?
Hi,Im watching it tracked,if im lucky,and customs do there thing,late next week.I go on holiday for a week after that so then the week after.I bought second hand,I would have liked the gold,but settled for next best.I've got a few bills on,so that is a good option for me right now.Do you dabble with a bit of vinyl,?,I quite like a bit of analog.Next year I'll fire up the record player again.
@ misternice, I love analog!, I have only been building this main system since 4-2012, I do not even have a powered pre-amp yet, I have to run cd source straight to amp because of the cost of admission of my interconnects, the Tara zero gold is quite exspensive, we are poor!, this will take years to build, not only that, I have found that running direct is suppior to most pre-amps untill you get to over the $10,000.00 dollar mark of pre-amps!, you really need to authenticate your cable with the factory when you recieve it, it should have serial numbers, call Taralabs with the number to do this!, there are counterfiets out there!, once you fully break-in your cable, its off to the races, you will want more of the exsperience of what you bought,Lol!, thats what happened to me, do 400 hours before you give me your impressions of your cable, I do enjoy what you might say of the sound, cheers.
This hobby is bit of an addiction,and can keep you broke.Three people I know have spent between 20 and 30k each on a holiday,lately,and memories are all thats left.A real nice stereo will last a life time,to me thats good value.Im reading a couple of your other posts,interesting reading.Do you know much about a subwoofer cables.Next year I want to introduce one,just to know.Cheers
@ Misternice, Hi, Unfortunally I have never used a sub woofer cable, of course you can start a thread and get answers, cheers.
Yes,I will do.My speakers back in nz,take over the whole lounge pretty much,I would like to down size and see if I can keep the good music coming.At the moment I use kef ls50 monitors,which are quite good as Im in a small room.Hopefully adding a sub,later,when im in the house,I'll be happy.I'll get there eventually,no doubt.Looking on the net,subwoofer cables are different,I thought they mite be normal interconnects.
Misternice, Taralabs makes a sub woofer cable, go to the site, look it over and tell me what you think, cheers.
Good morning,there isn't much info,around on them,the ism will be the one to go for.I was planning to go with kef r400 sub.The onyx is in the country,so things are going well in that department,its going to be interesting to hear that cable.Halestorm is on the way.Cool
There are better , cheaper choices against the expensive Tara Labs top cables/cords.
@ Jafant, No there is not!, I can tell you no one makes a better $5,000.00 price point power cord on the planet!, The Taralabs cobalt power cord, sure you can get better, try $11,000.00 to be able to do it!, The zero gold interconnect is still in the handfull of best available!, there is a couple of cables out there that is better, depends what sound you want on your system, system synergy!, and then there is the omega gold speaker cable, this cable is a more profound cable than eanything Taralabs makes, there is no better speaker cable out there period!, at any price point!, good luck on finding any evidence to prove other wise! cheers!
Hi there jafant,what do you recomend,? Most people I know have at least one tara in their system.I know tara labs and like what I've heard.But Im always open to suggestions,cheers.
Audiolabyrinth sold me on Tara's and I have to say they deliver the goods, they are on the revealing side which works with my system/speakers - they are pricey. I am using 2 runs of 0.8 EX IC's and The One SC. Keith is a Tara man - I used to be that passionate about MIT and still use them in a couple of HT systems. Keith does know his cables!

Jafant is not wrong, there are literally hundreds of choices for cables, my 2 favs lately have been Tara #1 and PAD a close second. Wywires also makes nice cables, I use his PC's on my amp and preamp. He has now expanded his line with some innovation and now has levels. I used his entry level IC's and they had great tonality.
@ misternice, Hi, pops knows me, and my name, It is Keith, Pops will give you awsome recommendations to, the other cables he has works with his system, ask him about a good sub woofer cable, I said, I do not have exsperience with sub woofer cables, jerry has exsperience with sub cables, cheers.
Hi,great thanks keith.It could be six months to go down that road.There maybe more to it than just a cable,like a similar cable and powercord on the subwoofer.So the bass and mids are going the same speed as the monitors,Im not sure.Hi there,jerry,thankyou,if you can help in any way.
Sorry,I forgot to say,my name is bob.
Bob, sorry I have never owned a sub, I know nothing....sorry.
Thankyou anyway,I'll run with it and give it a go.There's only one way to find out.
Hi there,the cable arrived today,and it sounds excellent.Im finding it very musical and not a hint of brightness,the back ground is dead quiet too.I do have one thing that is a little unusual,the 2 banana plugs coming out of the cable are on the opposite end to what the instructions say.The female and male banana plugs are on the source end,? Im not sure if this is normal,I can't fault the sound.
07-31-13: Misternice
This hobby is bit of an addiction,and can keep you broke.Three people I know have spent between 20 and 30k each on a holiday,lately,and memories are all thats left.A real nice stereo will last a life time,to me thats good value.Im reading a couple of your other posts,interesting reading.Do you know much about a subwoofer cables.Next year I want to introduce one,just to know.Cheers
Analysis Plus Sub Oval is very good.
There are some better. Just depends on how much you want to spend.
@Misternice, the banana's on Tara's IC's do come out of the source end - don't know why the manual says otherwise...enjoy.
RE:Subwoofer cables . I believe the cables that are copper coated with silver, may be the best for deep Bass and good bass articulation.
I am using silver coated copper on my lower half of my speakers (bi-amping0,and they are deep and very articulate , compared to plain copper cables . I am going to try one of these on my sub one day soon.
audioquest makes three to four levels of these .
@ misternice, Hi, Congrats on the onyx cable you have, Do you remember my post on how to use this cable?, go to the post so i will not have to rewrite it, the box does go on the source end, the cable jumpers coming out of the cable on the receiving end plug into each other, the spaded jumper needs to be connected from box to a screw on a componet for ground, the ground scheme makes a huge difference with the sound, Hi pops and Grey9hound!, BTW, I forgot that Grey9hound knows alot about sub woofer cables, misternice, you are in good hands with grey9hound!, pops and Grey9hound are dear friends of mine!, they are a joy to talk to and know what they are doing!, very well seasoned audiophiles to say the least!cheers.
Thankyou guys,Tara labs says the serial numbers are good,and the cables may have been ordered that way,they are happy to change them over for me.I'll have a little play and may just change one of the clips on one of the pig tails.Not sure what the sound difference will be.I have a question for greyhound,I don't need really strong bass,could I get by on a interconnect cable,cheers.
Tara labs,just let me know,the current configuration will be just fine.fantastic.
@ misternice, what in the world are you talking about?, The Tara onyx has little wires coming out both ends of the cable!, the source end, and the recieving end, you plug the recieving end into each other, the source end plugs into the hfx grounding station, the ground jumper plugs into the middle hole on the hfx box and then the spaded end of the jumper screws to a componet for ground., thats it!, eany other way is incorrect!