Tara Labs Master Generation-2

Time to up grade my speaker cables.I saw these posted here for sale and look like a good price.I cant/wont go through auditioning cables and cant afford the new,overly priced stuff.I need a cable that calms a rather overly agressive upper midrange,but keeps the detail intact.Do these Tara's fit that need? My budget is $400 or less for used and I need 8 feet.Thanks!
I own both the interconnect and speaker cables. In terms of detail retreval the TARA cables are not the best. They in my system (Dunlavy 4, Wadia, Pass Aleph 2 amps) have a laid back character, strong bass, excellent soundstage depth, images are a little hazy, and smooth treble. They might work well at taming the problem you are having, but to me they are a little bit unexciting to listen to. I have enjoyed the Harmonic Tech Pro 9 quite a bit more. It is much more open sounding to me. The TARA cables definetly have their strenghts and it really comes down to listening prefrence.
Dave, I have TARA Lab Master Gen II interconnects & speaker cables (bi-wired) and I really like them. I also have TARA Lab Decades and cannot tell much of a difference - they are not worth the price difference over the Master Gen II. There is a considerable difference, however, between the Reference and Master. If you stick with the Master Gen II (the Master I Gen are much too stiff) you will have, in my opinion, the best cables for the buck - especially at the price they sell for used.
I just bought the Tara RSC Master Generation II interconnects. Can you guys help by telling me what your's look like on the terminations? Mine does not look like the ones on the Tara website, they simply have shrink wrapped ends that say "RSC Mas Gen II" and one has a red stripe aroung it. No red strain-relief sleeve like the web photos and no "Tara" on anything. Just want to know if I got the real thing....?

Hi David 99: I have 2 sets of these Tara's in my main system. I'm not sure why Ejlif feels there not the most detailed. I feel they are very detailed, in fact some may find them a tad bright. I'm using them with tubes so I found them to be a good match. At their price point I feel they are very good, but I'm ready for a change (always changing you know). If you decide to buy, I have a 1.5 meter set & a 1.0 meter set. Let me know.