Tara Labs Master GEN 1 or 2???

Hello all, Joe here. I recently purchased some TARA Labs interconnects (According to the seller, "Master Generation 2")on our fine service here for a good price. I called TARA Labs to inquire about getting more, since I dont have a local dealer. After talking, it became obvious that my cables may not actually be Generation 2 cables. I got 2 different reports from TARA employees. Interesting..... Here is where I need the assistance of my fellow audiogon forum browsers. What is the physical difference between Master Generation 1 and Master generation 2 interconnects?? The cables that I purchased have TARA's large, locking RCA connectors, with a gold plated "barrel" immediately behind the RCA. It has "RSC" and "MASTER" printed in white on the barrel. The jacket is clear, allowing you to see the silver colored shielding underneath. Finally, there is no "common" or electrical connection between the right and left cables' shielding in the pair. Please let me know if you have seen both the Gen 1 and Gen 2 interconnects, or perhaps a description of your Master interconnect. Thanks!!!
I own Mst Gen 2 Collar says so.Wire mesh sleeve,Grounding pins at source end.They look like Stainless steel water or auto brake line.I had 1's 6/7 years ago,I faintly recall stiff as the speaker cable (1's) Two's very flexable; speaker and interconnect.
I have owned Master Gen 2 and have A/B'ed it with Master Gen 1. The MG 2 was much more flexible. As far as sound was concerned, the Master Generation I sounded less bright and was a much better cable. Also, as I remember, the cable clearly had "Master Generation 2" written on the cable. Sounds like you have Master Generation I. Be happy, you've got the better cable!