Tara Labs ISM Onboard vs separate Ground Station

Hi folks, just wondering if anyone has experience with Tara Labs ISM Onboard cables versus their older ones with the seperate ground station? I found a vague reference on this site stating that the older ground station version sounded better. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
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Hi there,I haven't done a direct comparison,Ive owned both,with different taras,and they both sounded good.The most expensive taras have separate ground station,so that must be best.Some of the old posts say the older seperates were better,than the ism.Either way ,they'll bring a good sound to the house.
Thank you Misternice. I may just pick up a used set to try out. Unfortunately the Cable Co does not demo Tara Labs so I wont be able to compare it to the newer ISM Onboard.
@ Tboooe Hi, I posted a response concerning answers for you on the other Taralabs thread before you started this one, my post is currently not instant, I am sorry for the delay.
@ misternice Hi, do you still have the Taralabs onyx interconnect?
Hi yes and love it,this cable is doing everything and more.I can't see me ever changing this out between amp and pre.
I have gone through them as well and all sounded awesome. The newer ones may have more resolution with the grounding stations(to my ears).

With the recent interest in grounding stations (Enteq, TriPoint), it seems as Tara Labs has been onto this for a while. I had the floating grounds and now the chassis grounds with my The One LE (Limited Edition-specially made by Tara for Moi!) I LOVE Tara.
Hi Cerrot, I do not know if you knew, Tara labs just started making the out board ground stations again for all the ISM on board cables, in other words, you can get the new Evolution Air with solo ground station or HFX ground station, this cable does not come with ISM on board, then you can get the two with ISM on board or with HFX ground station, The one with ISM on board or The one with HFX ground station, the same for the 0.8, and the new 0.3, The new Evolution Zero comes with HFX Ground station only, and finally, The New Evolution GrandMaster comes with the new invented Dual mono-block Ground station, I believe it is a single chasis?, This starts 5-1-14, from what I understand, you can get any of these cables now, the date is the official release for sale date, so Tara has brought back Ground stations for nearly all the cables they make, however, The HFX ground station is fairly new, maybe 3 years they have been making that ground station, It is superior to all Ground stations of the past, It is bigger, with more cerelex in side, and it has three holes on the station, two holes for the tiny jumper leads to plug into, and then the tiny jumpers plug into the cable pig-tails that come out of the cable at the source end, the third hole is componet ground, a third tiny jumper with a tiny spade plugs to the station, then spade gos to a screw on any componet for cable ground,the other end of the cable, the pig-tails leads that come out the cable, simply plugs into each other to complete the circuit, Enjoy the music.
@ Tboooe, Hi, where are you, what report do you have?
Tboooe, Hi, I tried to call you on the phone last week-end,How is you Tara labs, The two with HFX grounding station -Extended band-width interconnect coming along?
Audiolabyrinth, I don't care at all about tara labs stuff because High Fidelity Cables are sooo much betterÂ…
please stay here where someone might agree with you!!!
coming from someone who has never listened to any of the very best cables from tara labs, Your post is meaningless!, tell me, what cables by any brand have you ever listened to that is $10,000.00 a meter or higher retail other than high-fidelity cables?, I really do not believe you have that kind of exsperience!