Tara Labs IC range ? Which one to better RSC Prime

Dear ALL, positively surprised by a second hand Tara labs RSC Prime interconnect, I am looking forward to detect which other secon hand Tara Labs could grab at decent price to escalate up in their range (An even better one I mean).
Of the above I like the warm & transparency sound; is this the Tara imprinting ?

I gave a look to their site but was hard for me to understand how the RSC prime was positioned in their product range: is it a medium quality cable for Tara ?
Many thanks and would appreciate indications which one to get at decent prices that can be even better than the RSC Prime without pulling a leg.
The RSC Prime is just above the entry level Prism in quality. The Air series is a significant step up from the Prime, especially in HF resolution. The Air 1 is supposed to be the best in the Air series, but I prefer the Air 2. Their reference series is called "The One" and is quite expensive, even used.
I like the TARA Labs sound as well. Presently I am using the RSC Master Gen II interconnect & speaker cables. These are very good indeed & can be had for $150 & $300 (for 6'-7') respectively.
Before TARA launched their present cable line-up the Master Gen II used to be their 2nd best cable. At that time their best cable was the Decade. Per my phone conversation with TARA, the Master Gen II yields only to the Decade (considering the old line-up). I was told that the RSC Air 2 is the new version of the Master Gen II.
The Decade cables are slightly on the warm side but I'm told that their sound is very cohesive & articulate. The Decade series is supposed to be very good indeed. They can be found used but the interconnects sell for $400 (approx) & the speaker cables for $600-700 approx. Sometimes you can get a better deal.
I recommend the Master Gen II & Decade heartily. Significant step up from the RSC Prime that you have.
The reference gen 2 is in between the prime and the master gen 2 in that vintage of cable. It is to the master gen what the master gen is to the decade in terms of sound quality, upgrading, that is. Good news about both is they can be had for significantly much less than the decade, which is a great cable. The other good news is that (what I have found) is that as far as system dependancy goes systems that respond well to the reference gen respond the same way with the decade, and visa-versa, so if your intention is to not spend the money for the decade or better, you can spend a fraction on these lesser cables and get similar results and decide later if you want to spend the dough on the more expensive ones and be assured they will work well. (this is not always the case with moving up the chain with all cable makers, so I mention it).
Very clear ! Thanks to everybody. Will scout around for a buy !
Unless you are using $10,000 amplifier and a very high-end pre-amp, or perhaps a 300B single set-up, you are not really going to notice any real improvement over the RSC Prime.

I have used these for year with excellent results, on both older McIntosh, single ended tube amplifiers, and the Prism for most video sources and have had great experience.

I think there is a psychological expectation, which influences ones judgement in the very expensive interconnects, same with speaker wire.

I do however, prefer the Tara Labs cable to the older Audioquest, Ruby and Quartz, and I think this has to do with the difference in construction; I do not know about the new Audioquest cables.

MIT has made some impressive cables; I mainly use them in balanced set-ups, thus a comparison is moot.

I would stick with the Prime; after all these years past, I have never noted any degradation with these and see no logical reason to replace them.
I put a Tara the one on a $300.00 cd player for kicks,The outcome was huge to say the least!,It made that yamaha player sound like it cost atleast $3000.00,that was so stunning, I bought the tara zero gold for the real digital player I have!