Tara Labs Decade Interconnect

I was given a pr. of 5 ft. Tara Decade Interconnects. Cant find out anything about them. I think from what I did read that they are old. I have MIT interconnects already and am thinking about selling the Tara Labs. What would a fair price be. They are in excellent shape ! Thanks for the help!
Tara Labs Decade came out in 1996 I believe. I owned a full loom in the late 90’s. In many ways I liked them better than many of TL’s current offerings.
Like many audio companies, Tara Labs has traveled the road towards more and more resolution. While many like this, I preferred the more balanced TL cables of yesteryear, such as the Decade.
Many of TL’s first decade of cables, Space & Time TFA, Quantum, Decade, etc., are still very popular in Japan to this day.

As to what they are worth, well that depends on condition, packaging, etc.
Best to check out expired listings on Ebay and Hifi Shark. Good luck!

My guest 1 meter is $300 when they came out.Thats only my recollection, I might be wrong.John is right they sound good, one of my favorites...
The Decade was $800.00 a meter new, I've sold many of them,  great cable's.