Tara Labs cables sound

My system needs a little warmth and a smoother top end
to match my Wilsons strengths I herd Tara cables might be a good match.
I don't know the Tara cables but if you want smooth, talk to Cardas. I have Focal speakers which are highly detailed and can get a little too precise sometimes. I added Cardas Golden Ref, ICs and it did the trick. Wilson used to use a variation of the Focal inverted dome metal tweeter, so Cardas might do what you want.
I have Focal speakers which are highly detailed and can get a little too precise sometimes. I added Cardas Golden Ref, ICs and it did the trick.
Mechans, what you are listening to is phase distortion in the Focals & (happily) called it 'highly detailed'. By using Cardas speaker cables you've used 2 wrongs to make a right. Not a recommended way to setup a system but glad that you are enjoying it all-the-same.
Bombaywalla: Some may say the same about you're system!
@ Hiendmmoe, Hi, IF I can be of any service to you, just ask, I have been an avid Taralabs buyer and fan since the conception of the taralabs company, I currently own the very best of what Taralabs has to offer, I know alot about their cables, IF you need answers from me, I would need to know your complete set-up to give you a sound recommendation, cheers.
Absolutely love the sound of my Tara Labs RSC Prime 800 speaker cables but I would not characterize them as a high end or mids tamer. Very neutral but detailed with wonderful low end response.

Question for Audiolabrinth, if you're out there. Any perspective on the Prime M1 Digital balanced. I'm connecting a Musical Fidelity M1DAC and M1-CDT via the balanced digital connection.
Hi Jambalaya, I would like to know your budget, what you are willing to spend, looking at what you have available here to me, yes, the prime m1 digital will match the sound of your speaker cables you own quite well, thats if you like the sound you are getting with the speaker cables, like some cable brands, the more you move up the cable food chain, the better it gets, however, there is a sweet spot in the chain to were from there you only get 20% Incurments of improvements, Happy listening.
I am also a fan of Tara Labs. Their customer service is TOP shelf. I had broke a pair of XLR IC's and they repaired (and upgraded me!) at an incredibly fair price. Years ago, after spending $2,000 on single ended inter connects and brought a new balanced CD player, Tara Labs gave me an awesome deal for a balanced pair. And the sound...unrestricted, resolving, alive, sound stage has breath, air, space, detail...
I am running Tara Labs The One IC's balanced & single ended, The One digital cable and my speaker cables are RSC AIR III's.

They are GREAT to deal with, stand behind their product and it sounds great!
@ cerrot, Hi, I agree with your assessment of Taralabs, They have done alot for me as well, They have the best customer service any where period!, Hey, when you are not doing nothing, come on over to the Taralabs 0.8 thread here on the audiogon, We would love to have you there, as a matter of fact, repeat your post there, Awsome!
@audiolabryinth is this the thread
No, I am waiting to see if they start the thread I input for, this one is not it, It will say audiolabyrinth at the top of the thread like where Hiendmmoe's name is.
@ Hiendmmoe, Hi Mike,If you are out there, What did you end up with for a cable?, I am currious to know what worked for your speakers.
@ cerrot, hi, your explanation of your tara labs cables is awsome, what equipment do you use, now, do not spare all the details, give them all!
Tara Labs do have a wonderfull sound to them, they are real sounding cables, and when you go up the cable food chain, it gets better, and now the new cables will be on sale 5-1-14, they have 7 new cables, two cables out of this 7 has two versions of it, so there is 7 instead of 5, there is the Air Forte, the Evolution Air, The 0.3, the Evolution Zero interconnect and Evolution Omega speaker cable, The Evolution Grandmaster.