Tara Lab cables have bad quality control?

I bought a pair of Tara Lab Air2 cables, after I installed from preamp to poweramp, it came out very loud noise, blown out my Dynaudio 3.3's tweeters, then I tried my old cables, worked fine, I took it to the dealer I bought(San Fracisco Stereo), the salesman tried it again, came out very loud noise too, he thought the shielding of the cables may damaged, this was the 2th pair Air cables got problem, first pair had no signal, this tim they agreed to change a new pair, but they refused to reimburse my tweeters, has anyone have this kind of problems?

in my 15 yrs playing around with audio, the only cable breakdown ive had was from a Tara RSC Master Gen2. this is not to say that Tara has bad quality control as that cable was stiff and inflexable and at times I may have flexed it too much.

I wouldnt expect SF Stereo to pay for your tweets, but I would expect them to stand by you and vouch for you in a claim vs Tara Labs.

good luck
I have returned one pair of Air 2 to Tara Lab for repair and I am getting ready to send in the second pair. The RCA connectors on both pairs were very loose and the ground was broken on one.
I have several pairs of Tara Labs interconnects and speaker cables and I have not had any problems except for the Air2.
I would suggest you talk to Tara Labs about the tweeter damage and see if they will pay for it.

Ps - my name has nothing to do with SFstereo. I just live in SF.
Very surprised to hear of your problem with Tara. I used a pair of Reference Gen II XLR's that were fantastic, but I have no experience with Tara since purchasing that pair.
Thanks everyone, before the salesman send in the noise pair to Tara, he took off the loose rca from both cables, he said he just try to see what's wrong with it, then Tara said they have no way to test it now, so they won't pay for my tweeters, the salesman told me he can give me $500 credit if I buy the $2200 ISM The One, 25% off, but not pay my tweeters if I don't buy anything, I think SF Stereo just be in bed with Tara.

You should call the Attourneys Generals office and the better Business Bureu. Just call information, tell them the town you are in, and ask for the number to the closest office.

I give this advice a lot because these are two great agencies set up to help people that are in a situation like you are in now. Not only will they tell you all your legal rights but they will help you proceed with it if the dealer or manufacturer are liable. If anything a logged complaint may help the next guy who has the same problem as you.

I think this is pretty lousy of your dealer and I wouldnt give hin another ounce of business. You would be shocked if you saw the how low the whole sale price of replacement tweeters were.

This is not a reflection of the quality of your speakers but the basic facts of all speakers. I have a pair of speakers that retail for $11,000 and when they were still making that model a replacement tweeter was only $400 wholesale.

There is no excuse for them not to be more accomadating.

Saw this post over on the Asylum. I would hope that the salesman after verifying that that cable was bad would help out with the problem. SF Stereo has been a Tara dealer for some time and they should be able to work out a satisfactorily resolution. Upselling you on another cable sounds typical from these guys.

I hope this works out for you, I have dealt with SF Stereo and have been very disappointed. They have lost a tremendous amount of business based on poor customer support and inexperienced sales people.

Good Luck.
I would simply like to state that as the salesman who worked with Bill, I went out of my way to accomodate him in getting replacement tweeters and making sure he was WELL compensated for the inconvenience.

Thank you for your time,
Erik Bradford
Manager of Mountain View Location
Thanks for everyone, Erik told me that I can get store credit for one of two tweeters, but I don't want to buy anything now, he said I can't get cash reimbursement, aslo because I post this on the web, I only can get credit for half of my loss, if I make more posts, they will give me zero credit,
I get nothing to cover my loss so far.

hmmmm. i always thought it was sticks and stones. i guess sf stereo is so afraid of public exposure, that words count too. SHAME on you sf audio. your beer belly is spilling over your belt. the girdle doesn't help. -cfb
What happens if Erik posts again from SF Stereo. Does that mean you'll get twice as much credit....

It is absurd that this problem can't be revolved without you posting your displeasure on the various forums. I would have hoped that SF Stereo would be more professional. Just another reason to avoid doing business with these guys. Maybe Kerry Blessing (CEO) will finally wake up and realize that treating their customers this way will eventually lead to no customers.

The store manager Erik called me this morning, said I can't walk to the store from now, didn't mention my tweeters, also want to give me refound for 3 pairs cables I bought from the store, then hangup the phone, hay Erik, I'm not allowed to walk to your store, how can I bring the cables? do you want to meet me on the street? this is really BS!

Thanks, everyone

SF Audios stand on this issue is a joke. But thats typical of high end stores now days. You may loose some money on this one but not as much has SF Audio, The way there going theyll last thru xmas MABYE.