Tar labs RCS CD veses AP solo crystal oval

Does anyone have any experience with the Tara labs RCS CD?? Compared to an AP Solo crystal oval? This would run between a Marantz 7001 SACD player and a Rotel RTC 950 tuner preamp. thanks
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I have owned both cables, and they are different. Which one you prefer will be up to you. The Tara Labs throws a deeper soundstage and has better extension in the high frequencies as well as a bit more articulation. The AP has a warmer, fuller sound especially noticeable in the midrange, with a more forward soundstage presentation, and may sound a tad clearer.
I think you hit it pretty close to what I am hearing. Did you prefer one of over the other?? Thanks
Well there are many years between my experience with the Tara Labs RSC CD and the AP Solo Crystal Oval, but I would say that I definitely prefer the sound of the Tara Labs cables. I've owned many variations of Tara Labs over the years, and currently own a 2 meter run of The One, which I use between preamp and amp. My experience with the Solo Crystal Oval was my only experience with AP cables, and I sold it pretty quickly after I bought it. Though I do know many that prefer that clearer, more forward presentation, it was not my cup of tea. I prefer the deeper, more laid back soundstage. I prefer a mid-hall seat to a front row seat. Obviously, YMMV.