tape out for phono stage

I am presently using the tape outputs of a sonic frontiers anthem pre-1 full function tube preamp to a passive preamp.   I have a couple of grand to burn and was wondering what would better this (and a smaller footprint).  My local dealer recommended seeking out a used Klyne 7px (which he consideres to be the best sounding phono stage he has ever heard) or a new rogue ares magnum. I am also curious about the idsd iphono as I use an idsd dac.   Any thoughts regarding how these compare for sound quality would be welcome.  Using a thorens table/arm and goldring mm cartridge, but considering my first mc such as a denon 103.   
Why would you take a tape out from a full-function preamp to the input of a passive preamp?
to bypass the active line stage - I prefer a passive