Tape decks - still of any value?

A friend has three tape decks left from when her husband died several years ago. They are: Nakamichi MR-1, Nakmichi 1000ZXL, and a 7" Ampex, tube reel to reel (missing part of case so I don't know the model number). Does anyone here know if these are worthy of listing on Audiogon? Thanks - Ned
Yes! I seem to recall the 1000ZXL was a very expensive NAK. See if there are any listings &/or "completed listings" on ebay as one source of info.
The Nak Z1000xl was a excellent deck and should fetch a few hundred in good condition. The mr-1 was a later less expensive model.
Thanks for the responses. I'll now have to get a tape and see what kind of shape these machines - especially the 1000ZXL - are in.
For a select few, tape decks will forever hold nice memories. They will collect and tape. tape sound is not bad. Just not as convienient as MP3. And my Sony D6M portable with good source material off a good deck will out perform the mp3 compressed files. Mike