Tape deck repair in the Chicago area

Greetings tape-o-philes!   

I have an old friend who lives in Chicago and has revealed to me that he owns an Otari MX5050! He thought it was worthless junk, but I sent him the sold page from Hifishark and now he knows different. He still has tapes, and he'd like to get it repaired but he really doesn't want to ship it.

Can anyone recommend a reliable repair shop in and around Chicago? I'm a vinyl person myself but I told him I knew people who knew people. Thanks in advance!

Call Van L Speakerworks and ask the owner if he knows anyone. Also, Call WFMT office and ask for the Technical manager -see if he knows anyone. Finally, call Saturday audio exchange (on Saturday).
There used to be a good shop (Fullerton and Halsted-ish, had a big retriever that would smile at you) but think it closed.
Good luck (I mean it. If you live in Chicago, good luck!).
P.S. Try a Guitar Center/Pro shop also...
Call Ron.  708-244-9299. He’s really good.  That’s his cell. You can text him.
Many in the tape community uses Soren Wittrup, he used to be in the Chicago area but has relocated a little further out, he should still be within driving distance. I've used Soren myself for my Studer and would use him again the next time I needed work done. He is extremely knowledgeable and very efficient, he works a little differently than other techs I've dealt with.
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Same subject. I have a Nakamichi Dragon that wont play tapes now. Someone to repair these?
Can't think of anybody that knows and services the Dragon better than Willy Herman. Will have to ship to CA though.
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I can repair any audio component  just finished 2 R2R tape machines  I'm in New Jersey.

Happy Listening.
If you are still looking for a tech to repair your reel to reel
Contact Sam Palermo at Skyware Tape Deck Repair (708) 334-2260
He is located near the airport in Bensenville, IL
He is the best around

Nakamichi repairs, you can call Dan Barham, he only repairs Nakamichi’s, he repaired my 1000ZXL, he can be reached at (626)221-1959, he is located just north of Chicago

Sorry, I know this is an old post.

For repairs on basically any gear, vintage or new, contact Kaspar at Stereo Rehab on Chicago's north side.  He's at 5800 N. Western Ave.

He offers a 1 year warranty on all his repairs.

Sounds classic in Rockford.

they,specialize in restoration!

great little place, amazing work!!