Tape deck hook up to integrated amp.

This might sound stupid but many integrated amps these days don't have a separate tape in/rec out feature. If all I want to do is play tapes, can I connect the tape deck into any input on the amp? Seems like I should be able to but I've only ever seen separate inputs for tape on amps. Thanks.
Yes. Its a line level source no different than a tuner or CD player. The only exception would be a phono input. You can't connect anything other than a TT to those.
Thanks. That's what I thought. I was aware of the difference with the phono input just not sure about the tape. Wanted to make sure before I made a purchase. Thanks for easing my mind. :)
I don't have tape in-outs in my preamp either. I run Nakamichi RX202 tape deck in loop with TT -> Phono -> TD always in 'record' engaged providing extra gain stage. I found it sounding superior than just phonostage alone. Achieving maximum possible performance at ANY volume level desired -- piece of cake. Besides, I don't have to reconnect it back when I want to record some high valued album on metal biased tape. The recording on metal biased tape is very close to vinyl, much closer than CD.