Tannoy XT8F vs. Fyne F502

Anyone been able to compare the two or have opinions on either? I know the Fyne is very new, not sure how many are out there yet.

Would be powered by a Rogue Cronus Magnum.
I just ordered the F501s and I chose them over the Tannoy based on looks and the materials. Also, the Tannoys have been around a while so I'd guess the Fyne versions will be a bit more up to date.
I bet you'll really like them. Please give us a detailed review if you can. What finish did you get?
I bought a pair of Fyne F501 drone Gene Rubin in CA and I am very happy with them. I switched from Magnepan because I need an overall cohesive speaker from high to low and Fyne definitely do that very well. If I can afford the 703, I will not hesitate for a second to buy them. They are just out of my price range. I also noticed they also have 502 special edition that borrow a lot if the 700 series with a lower price tag. Good luck!