TANNOY will stop Hi-FI ?

Hello all,
I heard Tannoy will give up the Hi-Fi part of their iconic brand. They would stop the public part for developping the "Pro" side. Do you have some infos ?

The Upscale video is of their warehouse, I don't see what that has to do with the Tannoy factory in Scotland. Very misleading. 

Anyone considering Tannoy should audition Fyne as well. I have a pair of Fyne Audio F703 speakers, made in Scotland. Incredible to listen to and beautiful to look at.

Jim Smith of Get Better Sound and RoomPlay Reference uses Fyne F703 speakers in his SOTA listening studio. Anyone signing up for a RoomPlay Reference session will hear the F703 speakers at their very best.

RoomPlay Reference

Thank you.

BTW, my direct experience tells me that most of what Kevin Deal says should be taken with a grain of salt. He is first and foremost a marketing genius (I'm your super hip, foul mouthed buddy Uncle Kevin) along with Jason Stoddard (I created the first audio cult and everyone is welcome to join) and Paul McGowan (you're part of my family and new personal best friend).

Sheesh, give me a break.

Anyone considering Tannoy, should buy Tannoy :-) If there is any sense of urgency, it is now for anyone seriously considering Tannoy. Grab a pair made in Scotland  before you start seeing production runs from Asian continent.